Benefits of Pilates method

Benefits of Pilates

It reduces postural problems.

Your abdominals become stronger.

It reduces lower-back pain.

Strenghtening and balancing of the back muscles.

Reducing back and neck pain caused by sitting (behind a desk) for too long.

Become more flexible due to exercise focus on elongating your spine.

Maintaining your weight loss when combined with proper died and cardo excersizes.

Easing of pain in the joints since the strenthning of muscles will reduce the weight on them.

Pilates will help you to stabilize your muscles and increase the range of motion of your joints, protecting your body from possible injuries.

Recovering faster from injuries or even surgery with the help of a professional.

A balanced mind and body will bring positive effects on your psychological health.

Your daily physical activities will become lighter and easier.

Your lung capacity and strenght will increase due to emphasis of controlled breathing during exercise. People who have breathing issues such as astma are expected to see a positive change.

Anatomical awareness.

Being able to correct bad physical habits by yourself due to increased body awareness.