Pre & Post-natal Pilates


Deniz is a BASI Pilates Certified Pre & Post-natal Pilates Instructor from 2017 on.


Pilates is a safe method that prepares the body for delivery, helps recovering better and regain your shape after the baby is born.


She worked with many moms who has Diastasis Recti, lower back pain, knee pain, poor-posture as well as to get in shape after delivery.


There are do’s & don’ts for each trimesters & modifications of exercises are necessary to keep the body moving in a correct position without loading extra weight on it.


In her private classes, she teaches breathing techniques, activating the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening core muscles & finding the healthy alignment.


She is helping moms to experience this very special period of their life in a happy & healthy way.


The most important thing for her is being there for moms to help being the STRONGEST MOM both physically & mentally for the baby and herself.