Aysun Deniz


I started to learn Pilates method about 5 years ago. Due to the way I work in my daily life, I developed bad posture over the years and I was suffering from severe back pain every evening, and I also had problems with the knee joint.

For the first 4 years, I worked with different instructors in different studios, I loved pilates, yes I saw benefits, but after a while it started to feel like an activity, it became routine, as if working in a fitness studio, enter, push the springs for 1 hour, pull the springs, and it’s over. I was bored and thinking about trying to search for new things.

But one day, I got a class  in the same studio from a teacher I didn’t work before. She thought me to do very basic movements during the lesson. So, I didn’t hang on the top of the Cadillac up side down or something, but it was a completely different lesson. Even for a moment, my mind did not go to anything else, I was in the class like never before. I became aware of my body. I had to focus so much on doing the movement correctly that after 1 hour of basic exercise, I sweated down to my scalp. And then I thought, so Pilates is something like this. It was my dear teacher Deniz, who made me feel this and opened my third eye in this sense.

Thanks to her, I liked Pilates more and thanks to her, I decided to take the training and become an instructor. Deniz & I,  also became very good friends over time. In every lesson I do with Deniz, I learn new things about my body, it’s all a real “lesson” for me. She uses her experience from her dance career very effectively along with pilates, which makes her a great teacher. Apart from the extraordinary physical benefits I have seen from Pilates, I cannot thank enough to my teacher Deniz, who has supported me in every way in my career journey that I have just started. I’m glad I got to know her and I’m glad I became her student.