Top 10 Common Questions

Top 10 Common Questions

1. Is it correct that Pilates only focuses on training the abdominal area or does it also help my legs looks slimmer?

Yes, your legs will look slimmer. While the main focus is to strengthen your core muscles, the rest
of your body will also gets toned.

2. How many times a week should I do Pilates?

Ideally 3 times a week is advisable if you want to tone your body and improve your posture. The absolute minimum for seeing results is 2 times a week.

It is scientifically proven that in just 72 hours the body forgets past workouts. You should keep training your muscles every 2 days in order to maintain the results.

3. How many sessions does it take to see actual physical changes such as having a better posture and looking slimmer?

” In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference and in 30 you’ll have a new body. ” — Joseph Pilates

4. I am a person of age. Can I start Pilates without any background in sports?

Yes, you can start. Every class is custom designed to fit the needs of any age, body or physical condition.

5. What is the difference between Mat and Equipment Pilates?

Mat exercises are fundamental part of Pilates. You use your own weight and strength against gravity on mat. You will also use props such as Magic Circle, Pilates ball and therabants.

Equipment classes are based on the movements on mat. Additionally there are resistance springs from light to heavy that you can push or pull at the equipments. If you want to tone your body and also want to do workout on your foot, legs, hips and full body integration, you can only do these in equipment classes. Equipments will also help your body to really understand and perfect the exercises.

6. Why equipment classes are more expensive than mat classes?

Our instructors graduated from BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training. To be able to teach on different equipments needs more information, practise and talent. Thus, our training is difficult to get and also very expensive international certification programme. Besides our instructors, BASI System Equipments are most innovative and comfortable equipments that are widely used in all over the world now. They are also easily adjustable according to height of clients and levels of difficulty that it different for each client. After a while you will feel that they are part of your body. The reason that they are designed to today’s needs of individuals, they are more expensive than old versions.

7. I don’t have budget for equipment classes. What can I do?

Mat classes are core of Pilates. Private or group mat classes can be your choice. If you do Pilates 3 times per week, you will already get enough benefits of it.

Please, don’t forget that what matters the not the type of the class you get but frequency of exercises that will determine the benefits.

8. Is it correct that equipment classes are heavier and difficult that mat classes? Should I start with mat classes first?

Beginners can also start with equipment classes.

Your instructor will determine starting level according to the information of your exercise background in both mat and equipment classes.

9. Am I going to do same exercises at every equipment class?

Fun is important to increase our client’s motivation. Variation in movements keeps class fresh and different every time.

BASI Pilates has a wide range of movement repertory. First 10 classes are beginner level, between 11-20 classes intermediate and 21-over is intermediate-advanced level exercises.

10. Why Boutique Studio?

Unlike crowded studios, Change with Pilates Studio is designed for you to do your workout one on one with your instructor- without anyone else present in the studio. You can have quality & fun time working on your body with calm background music while your teacher is correcting you for better health.