Questions about History of Pilates, Reviewing Anatomy, Terms, Analyzing Planes of Exercises, the Movement Patterns of Muscles & Joints, What is the Specific Exercise For, What are the Springs for a Specific Exercise and Why, How to Set up the Specific Pilates Equipment, How to Remember Series & Group and How to Physically & Verbally Cue will be covered.


MAGIC TRICK of how to memorize the names of the exercises of the 12 Modules by categorizing BASI Block System into an easy way. You will never forget this MAP even after the exam.



Performing 1 Mat Repertory exercise & 3 exercises from 12 modules.


By using MAGIC TRICK paper, we will go through all exercises. The idea is to establish the logic of Block System & teaching how to perform the updated version of exercises.


Precision of performing each exercise is the most important part. I’ll be teaching how to show the exercise in a way that you know it in the exam. 


10 Points of Evaluation: 


Set up of body +1

Set up of equipment +1

Performing exercise with specific cues +5

Knowing the goal & muscle focus of the exercise +2

Breathing pattern in each exercise +1



We will go through classes that I set already. So, you have 30% of your homework done. We will replace the exercises by classifying Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced classes together. We will discuss together about the level of your student, how important it is if she is doing the exercise correctly, and how important that you teach well in the exam. 


  • What makes your Pilates class a good one that makes you pass your exam? 
  • Why shouldn’t you combine some movements together? 
  • How can you show that you know the BASI Repertory & you teach it in BASI Style?
  • How many times does your client need to do each exercise? 
  • How to give imaginary cues when needed? 
  • How to physically cue? 
  • Is being gentle with your student still making the exercise efficient? 
  • How far do you want to push your student? 
  • How far does your student want to be pushed?
  • Is this always equal? 
  • How to be a happy teacher in the long term?
  • How to make your students in the long term?


  • Your Video Homework: You will record a class you taught with the set I gave you. I will watch & give you practical feedback on how to improve your cueing for your exam.


We will check together how to teach the Block System in 60      min sharp. Time limit & teaching all the blocks will make you pass the exam.Don’t forget!


  • Watching My Live Classes: I’ll show how to physically & verbally cue 1 hour class with one of my students. You can get the video recording of this & perform it in the actual exam. This will definitely save you. Don’t panic 🙂


Don’t forget it is very important that you are serious about teaching & your student is having fun at the same time. It is not just an exam where you are showing the knowledge in the book but you are actually showing that you are a good teacher. 


  • How to Find You a Student in Your Upcoming Exam: Is your student a perfect mover? Is it better to have a friend who doesn’t know anything about Pilates? We will find the best answer together.



  • Emotional Support: Becoming a Pilates teacher is an important part of life if Pilates has been your passion and now a career choice. You want to make the best out of the money & time you invested in the BASI Pilates education. You most probably feel the pressure of it both within your body and mind. I have been through the same exact process and helped mentoring in this. So, don’t worry. We will work on this together.



Since nobody can be a teacher in a short time, it is ok to feel a bit insecure about showing your knowledge. You are not a teacher yet but you are becoming one. It is a process of practice, practice, practice. First you will trust your knowledge & talent. Then you will exercise teaching. People will definitely want to attend your classes in the future. I will help you build your self-esteem until the time of your exam. Yes, this is something you can learn also. Self-esteem is also like a muscle 🙂


It is possible that you may forget the exercise you already know if you are too stressed & excited. We will work on it together. You will, at the end, show your talent and you will pass this exam. You will be ready to help people who need you. 



You should better choose the subject that you actually want to specialize in the very near future. This is your thesis that you are happy to work on. 


I will guide you on the topic, how to find research papers to read and how to write a paper that is actually worth reading. Don’t worry. It is fun & I’ll be giving you feedback on how to improve your paper.


Your paper will be in the BASI Database. It should point a different angle to the topic. You will also write a Pilates programme that proves your paper. This is always good for you as well. You may choose to have a student or you can do the programme yourself. This takes time & effort. I’ll help you to write a topic you love & people will benefit from it. Your paper will also guide you to find your niche market when you have a Pilates business. 




Please send an e-mail mentioning which exam you need mentoring for. Also write down your availability and the date of your exam. By this way, we can quickly make a schedule that will work for you & me.