Corporate Pilates

PILATES FOR BUSINESS (Incompany or Online)

Healthy employees are happy employees, and that means a better company.

Employee well-being means:

  • Fewer Sick Days 
  • Improved Productivity 
  • Less Spent on Health Insurance Premiums
  • Better Cooperation
  • Fewer Workplace Accidents
  • Improved Corporate Image

The realization that healthy employees are better at handling tasks, staying focused, and saving you money is spreading across the business world. While companies continue to find other ways to improve the quality of their human capital, it’s clear  that small changes to their employees’ lifestyle boosts  well-being and can lead to dramatic improvements in their performance.


Pilates is a form of exercise that concentrates on the core muscles and it has become popular in the corporate environment in recent years. It is a great way to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff and that can only be a good thing for your business. Improves team morale A happy worker is a more productive worker, but with modern work often involving tight deadlines and heavy workloads, it is easy for stress to build-up. Just one hour of Pilates during the day can make a significant difference with team bonding, and it is a great way to let off steam whilst having some fun with your work colleagues.

Corporate classes of up to 10 participants are held at your workplace.

Suitable for all levels and ages regardless of your physical condition.


  • improvement of breathing, posture and coordination
  • balanced strength and flexibility
  • injury prevention

What does your employees need?

Floor space, mats or stable chair.  There is possibility to arrange small props for assistance and feeling more resistance.

The classes are designed for people who spend prolonged time sitting and working in front of the computer.

Classes emphasize an optimal workplace posture, stress management, including core strength and flexibility to improve stamina, posture as well as concentration at work.

Classes last 55 minutes and are offered Monday- Friday, before work, after work and during lunch breaks.

Depending on frequency, number of participants, on location or online.
Prices for groups up to 12 people from January 2023:

  • euro 150,00 per single class
  • euro 125,00 per weekly class
  • euro 100,00 per online class (via Zoom)

21% VAT, travel costs and parking fee will be added.
Prices for larger groups upon request.


Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to plan Pilates for Business Classes at your company.

Please mention the days and times you would like to schedule.