I'm very happy to present my beautiful spine with you. Since you are at this page, I guess we are sharing the same uniqueness 

I have diagnosed 22 degrees of Scoliosis when I was 27. It was the second year of studying in dance academy. I couldn't stand anymore to my low-back pain. I remember that the doctor said "how can you not notice this for such a long time?". I couldn't answer at that time. I think once the pain is chronic, you think it is normal. It was the time that I really want to find a way to heal myself.

I went to physio, practised Schroth method & a lot of Chiropractic sessions. By the time I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, I was taking Pilates classes at dance academy. This magic method saved my life literally.

Teaching and practising Pilates from 2015 on. I worked with students with Scoliosis. Some diagnosed and some without knowing their unique spine. All benefited from method. Collaborated with a physio as well to teach Schroth exercises to young girls.

I finished Module 1 & 2 Scolio-Pilates method founded by Karena Thek.

Come & visit my studio to talk and see what we can do together for you.

Deniz Ertas van Gennip

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