I’m very happy to present my beautiful spine with you. Since you are at this page, I guess we are sharing the same uniqueness.

I’m a Certified Scolio-Pilates Instructor. The method founded by Karena Thek. “Scolio-Pilates is a 3 dimensional scoliosis-specific exercise form to asist those living with scoliosis through four stages of movement: Elongation, Breathing, Corrective Positioning & Three Dimensional Strengthening.”

In my private classes, I first asses the type of Scoliosis my clients have & explain their unique anatomy to them. It is important to know where the curves are to benefit from the method. I experienced that this visual knowledge is already a relief and prepares the mind to work on it. 

I know the feeling of chronic-pain but the good thing is it is manageable. Once you do exercises regularly, you are your own doctor for the rest of your life. 

I have diagnosed 22 degrees of Scoliosis when I was 27. It was my second year in dance academy. My lower-back pain became so unbearable that I had to visit doctor. She asked ”how can you not notice this for such a long time?”. I couldn’t answer at that time. I think once the pain is chronic, you think it is normal. It was the time that I really wanted to find a way to heal myself.

I went to physio, practised Schroth method & Chiropractic sessions. By the time I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, I was taking Pilates classes at the dance academy. This magic method saved my life literally.

I worked with many students with Scoliosis. I collaborated with a physio as well to teach Schroth exercises to young girls.

As an instructor with 22 degrees of Scoliosis myself, my philosophy is to move & live pain-free. I found Scolio-Pilates the most sustainable pain management method. I’m teaching the method I experienced & believed.